Adnil the Cosplayer: Origins

22. february 2018 at 0:15 | Adnil
A long time ago in a galaxy far far away, there lived a 19 year old girl with the nickname of Adnil, who was just preparing the explore space with her crew.

Well, actually, it was last summer in Prague but there indeed was a spaceship and a crew of thirty, ready to embark on an adventure of their lifetime.

It all started one day in September, when a council of Cub Scout leaders assembled to discuss the important question: What is the theme of the next summer camp going to be?

When the question was laid, grave silence followed, with none of the meetings participants wanting or able to suggest anything worthy of consideration. They knew the whole years' theme - space - but thinking of theme for the camp was the most difficult of tasks.

After few minutes of heavy silence, interrupted only by silly ideas being voiced by everyone from the group, Adnil was struck with an idea. A brilliant idea, the solution of their troubles.

With a victorious smile, she exchanged looks with another person from the group, a boy, who was the only one to share the crucial trait necessary for her plan to work.

He was a geek. A sci-fi geek, well versed in the arts of quoting and watching and rewatching any sci-fi which flew his way. "Star Trek or Stargate?" she asked him, challenging him to make a decision which would decide the fate of the Cub Scouts and, without knowing so at the moment, of her.

The boy looked up from his strategic position on his beanbag cushion throne. "We could make the Enterprise," he thought out loud and Adnil could already see the gears turning in his head, his brilliant mind working on a way to bring the spaceship to life.

"So it is decided. We'll make Star Trek but you two will have do most of the work." The conversation of Adnil and the boy was interrupted by the chief leader, who, surprisingly enough, was familiar with Star Trek, although not skilled enough in geekiness to rival the two.

Adnil gladly accepted the challenge. She was already planning which cosplay she should make to create an unforgettable journey for the Cub Scouts, after all.

Months passed, the journey through the galaxy was nearing and Adnil was getting more and more concerned. With her finishing the high school and preparing the actual games, she had very little time to train the arts of cosplay, which were still unknown to her at the time.

Despite not having the time, she tried. She assembled the photos essential to the first part of her quest, a quest for fabric. With the help of a master in the art of sewing, her mother, she bought fabric for both Deanna Troi and a Vulcan. As her knowledge of the arts of cosplay progressed, she created a head for a Klingon and, having little time before the beginning of the grand quest (Cub Scouts camp), she bought wigs in Czech stores, deciding that, considering the fact that the ones who were to become her crew were not familiar with the arts of cosplay, something was better than nothing.

But Adnil was still lacking the most essential of skills - she had not yet been taught how to use a sewing machine. And so it happened that suddenly, a first Scouts' trip with the theme of Star Trek was just only a day away and she possessed no cosplay at all.

Adnil thought quickly, not allowing desperation to creep into her mind. She had previously seen a T-Shirt in a thrift store, a T-Shirt which even she, with her limited skill, could transform into a Voyager-like uniform. The clock was ticking, the meeting hour was only six hours away but Adnil thought that perhaps, she could do it. She had to make it!

Our hero rushed to the thrift store and to a regular store, where luck smiled on her - a turtleneck, much like the one used
in Voyager, was hanging in the shop, as if the fate itself had put it in her path. She did not think twice, she purchased her supplies and rushed home, having no more than four hours to create the uniform.

With her unskilled hand, Adnil cut the T-Shirt and sewed it by hand on top of another one, creating the uniform just in time. She thanked the cosplay gods for she had previously bought Vulcan ears and made Star Trek combadges for all the people in the group of leaders and so now, she possessed both.

The trip was a success in both the happiness of children and Adnil's cosplay - she managed to catch a moment to have some photos taken by a friend. When she looked at them later in the peace of her home, she thought that perhaps, she had stumbled upon the right path.

And what of the actual camp? Adnil and the boy joined forces and created a magnificent Enterprise, which later hung in the dining tent and made every visitor to the camp stare at it in awe. As for cosplay, more quests got in the way (a quest for passing an entrance exam for the Japan studies at Charles University was included) and when Adnil appeared in a cosplay at the camp, it was not one created by her but by her mother, with Adnil having only created the Klingon forehead and styled Deanna's wig. But it was true that her journey was just beginning.

Hi, I'm Adnil and from now on, I will be using this blog to share my cosplay journey with you. As you may have noticed, this article was written a fantasy-novel-ish style, if you liked it, please let me know in the comments. The next article might be written in a different way, perhaps as something Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy-is or even like a poem, so I hope that you will enjoy it.

A little disclaimer - English is not my first language, so please, forgive me if you come across a mistake.

I hope you liked my little story and thank you for stopping by!


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vše o pražském metru

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super domluva

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